The FunEditor4 (also known as ProjectMaker3, FunEditor4 Studios, FE4Pro112, FunEditorsWorld9944, JediFunEditor4, StarWarsAndCODFan1999, Trekker Pro, and StarWarsFan2015) is a user on GoAnimate. He first joined GoAnimate on May 5th, 2012 with his first Star Trek video, Time Travel Part 1.

He was also best known for the Baxter-Murkekow incident story arc, which was originally introduced in the newer episodes of the Jeremy series from Memy9909.

He left GoAnimate back in October 2015 because of the changes going on at the GoAnimate website, the way louielouie95 is treating the continuity of the original creator's Zack series, Pip2010's unexpected deletion of his grounded videos, and, most importantly, the poor reception of his recent video that was posted on YouTube, "Jock Kills Eraine." That video was later deleted from his GoAnimate channel.

He's going to return to GoAnimate on June 13, 2017. His mission to reupload ALL his videos on YouTube in HD, including some never before seen grounded videos, the original versions of his older grounded videos, and exclusive director's cuts of some of the grounded videos he or other people did. He also has more videos to complete. He has announced the final episodes of the Zack series earlier this month.